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Given our views summarized above, during the coming conference, we are going to focus on the following four issues:
    development and revitalization
    disaster and built heritage
    memory and rebirth
    the concept of city and urban void.
We will discuss these issues by bringing ourselves face-to-face with the process of appropriation that is involved in any of these problems-not by shutting them out but by re-making them as our own. We'd like to have a lively discussion with participants from all over Asia, not only those professionals and students who are being trained to become professionals in their own fields, but also citizens of any city. As a result, it is hoped that we will be enabled to better tackle the actual problems of our world.

Our work does not end here. More importantly, we should make sure that the next generation will benefit and learn from our effort to re-appropriate "our modern." We are planning to communicate with the next generation through various media including written papers, films, and architectural/urban design. This makes our conference, and all of mAAN itself, a place where people of different cultural backgrounds and of different generations meet and appropriate new ideas from each other. So, please join us in Tokyo that we might think together about how we should manage heritages in Asian cities and pass it on to the next generation.