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Session 2
Theme : Memory, Disaster and Revitalization
Keywords : disaster, catastrophe, war, memory, reconstruction, revitalization, heritage, cities, infrastructure

In recent years, our globe, especially in the Asia region, has experienced a number of natural disasters of catastrophic magnitude. A series of earthquakes from Turkey, Pakistan-India, Indonesia and the tsunami caused by the earthquake off the coast of Sumatra Island, Indonesia have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands Asians and destroyed buildings, cities and its infrastructures. Similarly, man-induced disaster i.e. war and regional conflicts, has also altered the city and landscapes of our region. War in Iraq, conflicts in Central and South Asia, civil wars and terrorism in many Asian regions are threatening our built and natural heritage.
Such disasters, also affect the physical heritage of the region. modern Asian heritage is no exception. Despite such catastrophe, the lives of people go on. We are observing that, in the process of reconstruction, the lost memories, in the form of modern Asian heritage, are revived and/or revitalized.
This session addresses the issue of how to deal with the post-disaster revitalization of modern Asian heritage. The discussion of the importance of retaining "memory", in the context of destruction through natural catastrophe, the case studies of post disaster reconstruction/revitalization, the methodology of damage prevention of the modern Asian heritage are some of the directions this session aims to carry forth. Session 2 will put emphasis on the proposals which are case studies, built projects, and practical methodology for revitalization in the disaster stricken areas.