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Session 3
Theme : Critical Revitalization of Urban Voids
Keywords : community and space, voids, memory and continuity, economics and sociology of urban space, movements and tendencies in urban redevelopment, urban contexts

Although, we still unconsciously identify every urban space by its social structures---legal, economical and functional. This session will question the existing value systems and readings of urban space and their relationships, and will try to clarify the meanings of the social conflicts around the void space to explore an alternative framework for urban thought and action.
The urban void offers a vast range of metaphysical connections and qualities. It is a place for the un-namable, a location of freedoms, a site for resistance, and it presents the opportunity of recovering archaeology of the city itself. Voids may be the unbuildable, the expectant, or the "sacred" contemplative spaces, like the one that Le Corbusier created in Chandigarh.
We will discuss those potential for recovering the metaphysical connections between daily life and urban space, such as shown in a Japanese architect Tsukamoto's "pet project," which created barracks on urban voids suggesting the problems of land value systems, social movements revitalizing local urban voids to strengthen their social bond, and fieldwork studies and projects recapturing the historical context in urban voids. We thus invite papers of analytical, speculative, as well as realized or unrealized works of architecture and urbanism that deal with interdisciplinary challenges and themes.