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"our modern": Re-appropriating Asia's Urban Heritage

Among such resources, we at mAAN particularly concern ourselves about buildings that were created during the "modern" period. Not only do those buildings- although remnants of bygone days-still exist in our daily living environment with a certain sense of "place," they also keep accumulating new layers in our memory on top of any past history.
Here, we suggest that all should be aware that we are indeed living in "our modern" cities, and thus put it forward as the theme of the 6th mAAN international conference. >> more

Session 1 : 'Urban Development and Heritage Management'

This session, while emphasizing historical perspective and respecting theoretical insights, seeks to go beyond such academic framework of thinking and define a new future agenda by seeking some actual solutions vis-a-vis the built heritage in our urban environment. >> more

Session 2 : 'Memory, Disaster and Revitalization'

This session addresses the issue of how to deal with the post-disaster revitalization of modern Asian heritage. The discussion of the importance of retaining "memory", in the context of destruction through natural catastrophe, the case studies of post disaster reconstruction/revitalization, the methodology of damage prevention of the modern Asian heritage are some of the directions this session aims to carry forth. >> more

Session 3 : 'Critical Revitalization of Urban Voids'

This session will question the existing value systems and readings of urban space and their relationships, and will try to clarify the meanings of the social conflicts around the void space to explore an alternative framework for urban thought and action. >> more

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