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"Layered Tokyo," the mAAN Tour!
The city of Tokyo has inherited its urban infrastructure from Edo, the seat of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Beneath this hyper-modern city, the street patterns of the old Edo are still vibrant. This tour will introduce you to the unchanging elements of this constantly changing city, presenting you new ways to understand it. As we visit Tokyo's architectural heritage from its pre-modern, modern, and contemporary periods, you'll experience the city's metamorphosis over the last 400 years, layer by layer.

[Schedule](Sunday) 5 November 2006 (8:30-17:00)
The places we are going to visit include:
Yamanote (hightown) districts: from daimyo mansions to noble estates to huge hotels - Akasaka Prince Hotel
Waterfront Landfills: Tokyo's expansion toward the sea - Tsukiji Honganji Temple, Tsukuda-jima area
Machiya downtown districts: large commercial blocks vs. small gmachiyah blocks - Nihonbashi Bridge, Mitsui Honkan Building, Bank of Japan Headquarters
Temple Enclosure: from large official temples to a modern park - Kan'eiji Temple, Museum of Western Art (by Le Corbusier), International Library of Children's Literature (renovation by Tadao Ando)

[Fee] 4000JPY (or USD40) Registration was closed.
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* Only registered participants at the mAAN 6th Tokyo Conference can take part in the tour. * Registration will be closed once the number of participants reaches its maximum (40 persons). * Entrance fees, transportation, lunch are included. * Schedules are subject to change.